Hi, I'm ~Piika and I like the Pokémon animé. My art tag is Piika Art!

Finished the new blog layout. The sidebar’s stuck on the left but whatever, it’s bright and colourful and covered in Pikachu. :P

Apologies to anybody clicking on my blog in the next couple of days. I’m working on the theme, which is very, very temporary (PINK CLASHES WITH TUMBLR SO BAD OTL).

If anyone knows how to get the sidebar to stick to the right side of the page, could you tell me?

Ahahaha, I finally updated my ID on Devi. The other one was from 2011 (even though it said 2012). Now I just need to go and update Tumblr, too. (This will take three more years.)

Actually though

I think Tails is the best new design because he still looks like Tails, just in an alt costume? I guess Amy’s like that too but it looks like they based her new clothes off of Sonia’s from Sonic Underground, so… yeah.

I’d like Sonic’s design a lot better if they kept the wonderful golden proportions of his beautiful face. And maybe went easy on the bandages on all of them.

lol knux sux




Pokémon Mysteries - Were Butterfree & Venomoth switched? [x۞ ~  

Fun fact:
This is Venomoth’s original RGB design, before the wing markings were removed in Yellow.

This is a Blue Triangle butterfly, a species within the swallowtail butterfly group.

And this is a common caterpillar within the swallowtail group.

And Venomoth’s Japanese name doesn’t refer to moths at all. It’s Morphon. Which possibly refers to Morpho butterfly.

So yeah, I personally believe they were switched.


This is such an interesting theory, but I think that if they were switched, it was in the initial design concept stages. Caterpie, Metapod, and Butterfree are coded into RBY all next to each other, in hex slots 123-125. Venonat is in slot 65, and Venomoth 119. While the Pokémon were coded in a rather haphazard order in RBY, there are enough families grouped together that I find it hard to believe it a coincidence.

Well, that and the official classic Sugi art rarely looked that much like the old sprites to begin with.

(tl;dr I think it’s a moth.)

YIKES I was playing Pokémon White and I was just about to save when the screen went black for a few seconds? It came back on only to go off again, and the sound cut out, too. Luckily it came back and I was able to leave the area and save in a Pokémon Center (I was in Castelia), but still…

(Apparently this is a common emulator glitch but I’m using my 3DS. :P)

Hello to the sudden influx of followers! I’m glad you liked my Butterfree drawing, and I hope you’ll like my other Pokémon art, too!


Pokemon The Series XY, English Opening


Wait, what?

(Nah, it’s fine. It actually made me smile. I just wish they had the time to do the entire opening instead of a shortened version.)

am i kicked out of the fandom yet

I added friendship because I took “ok” to mean “this ship doesn’t bother me by existing but I can’t decide how to feel about it”.

(I can’t believe how spoiler-free I am while watching Attack on Titan. With a summer full of gifs I thought I knew too much. :P)