Hi, I'm ~Piika and I like the Pokémon animé. My art tag is Piika Art!


An interesting point my friend once made was that OS (namely Kanto) is his favourite era because that was when he was of the age of the target audience. Mind you, he is familiar with all five series and acknowledges the differences, strengths and weaknesses of each one but the fact that he was a child during Kanto meant that that was when he enjoyed the show the most. I too grew up with OS yet I always say my favourite series is DP. But perhaps I actually enjoyed Pokemon more back then, it’s difficult to say. I’d like to hear thoughts from other people as well, especially if there’s anyone out there who DIDN’t grow up with OS and instead with one of the later series.

I completely agree. It’s why I say that Heroes is my favourite movie despite knowing that (in my opinion) Lucario and the Mystery of Mew is superior in every way - I saw Heroes as a kid and utterly loved it. Same goes for the Jirachi movie, which rekindled my interest in the animé after I stopped watching for a couple of years. I remember seeing people complain about that for the first time and being really surprised.

I definitely enjoyed those two movies a lot more because I was younger and couldn’t see the flaws they have. Comparing them to the newer movies, which have become more and more boring (except Kyurem’s), I really do wonder if I would have enjoyed stuff like the Victini movie if I was still eight or so.



I think at some point on her journey, Iris realizes that there are some bad dragon types out there.

One day she comes across a small town that’s being attacked by a Hydreigon (the same one that attacked her Dragonite way back when), and decides to look into it much like what she did with Gible….

protector-of-kalos said: I’m not going to lie, I want to know what you mean by going Team Plasma on her if you don’t mind?

I am a really big advocate of Pokémon rights, and I find certain behaviours from the cast to be, well, discriminatory. Iris’s favouritism towards dragons got on my nerves because at times she would talk like dragons are perfect beings who can do no wrong, and are superior to other types. I think it’s fine to have a favourite type, but to treat Pokémon of that type better than others? It just didn’t sit right with me.

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sukitetheskitty said: Hey, I'm curious. I hear you mention your stories quite often; are they available to read online or is there a place where I can purchase them to do so? I enjoy hearing your thoughts and words, and I'd like to see how they come into play in your work!


When I refer to my stories, I’m mostly talking about File Not Found, which is a Pokémon fanfiction I completed in early 2012. It’s a hodgepodge of ideas I came up with when I first played Pokémon Pearl, including but not limited to Pokémon rights and discovering oneself. It’s not perfect by any means, but it and its characters are very dear to my heart.

I actually have a revised version that I’ve planned on posting for the last month or so (actually, the first revised chapter is up as of now), which fixes some minor grammar and continuity errors, but the core story is still the same. I’m putting most of my effort into its sequel, which isn’t posted anywhere as of yet, but if you’re interested I can totally find somewhere to host it.
Thank you so much for the kind words! I get such a good feeling when people tell me they like to hear what I have to say. :D

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Huh, well, I was going to ask the pokeani tag how they felt about Iris at some point, but I guess I don’t have to do that anymore.

It still bothers me that no one else brings up what I hate. Guh. Going to have to write an essay on Pokémon rights or something one of these days.

I have 2341 episodes of things I’m supposed to watch at some point, plus a load of movies.

One third of that total is One Piece.

craftycasper said: Once you get this you have to say five nice things about yourself publicly, and then pass it along to ten followers.

Oh yeah I forgot I got this. :P Thank you Casper~

1. I’m proud of myself for doing some more reading this year! Granted, I’m counting things like playing Apollo Justice as reading, but still. :P

2. My human drawing skills have improved… a little.

3. I helped my mom out a lot this month. (Y)


5. Aaand I actually got up the courage to start posting in the pokeani tag. :)

(I don’t pass these things along, but feel free to do it too!)

I’d love to share a ton of pokeani headcanons and longposts with everybody, but the problem is that I cannot stand some of the most popular ships here and I don’t want to be that insufferable hater who keeps bashing on everyone’s favourite thing.

…But maybe I should just focus on my non-shipping ones? I don’t know.

(Also 99% of my headcanons would be about how great Meowth is and why the show should be all about him, but whatever.)


One major thing I liked about Ash that’s always been consistent no matter what series it was, is the rather unorthodox training style he uses whenever he wants to work with one of his Pokemon to grow stronger or learn a new move.

Unlike some other trainers who tend to stand on the sidelines and give Pokemon commands for training, Ash is more then welling to participate in the regiment right alongside them. He shows a lot of instances of "learning by doing" where he physically participates in the training right alongside his Pokemon. Strengthening himself with Oshawott so he can carry his heavy stone scalchop easier, making himself a target so Staravia can learn Brave Bird easier, doing all sorts of Ninja training to help Froakie learn a new move, etc. I believe it’s his way of getting into the mindset of his fellow partners and using their moves more effectively. It’s things like this that highlight how close Ash is with all of his Pokemon, willing to help them out by any means necessary.


They’re his partners. Equals. Ash makes an effort to understand what his Pokémon feel, so he can see when they’re having difficulties with training. And then he puts himself through the exact same things so they can overcome the difficulties together. He talks to them, and he works with them. He considers them people.

For Ash, Pokémon training is a team effort, and it shows.

But it doesn’t stop there! It’s not just Ash’s Pokémon that get treated that way. How many times has our hero had to step in and tell a character of the day how their Pokémon feels? And his actions in the Nyagotiator arc of Best Wishes towards Meowth are a lot kinder and friendlier than, say, Iris’s (not to bash on her specifically, but her trying to capture Meowth because she thought he’d be useful and then getting snippy at him for being rightfully terrified shows that she doesn’t consider Meowth to be her equal, but a tool). I love the fact that Ash considers even Meowth to be a genuine person and friend.

Personally, I think that’s probably the best mentality a trainer can have. I’ve seen some debates on how good of a trainer Ash is, and I’ve always been surprised when people judge him based on how well he placed in leagues and tournaments. If you ask me, stuff like this makes him an excellent trainer, if not the very best.