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space jam 2 confirmed

We are the Super Smash Brothers!


I have read enough fanfiction to know where that is going


I wonder how long it’ll be before this gets taken down

I’m sorry I’m making this Sommelier related it’s my style, but do you think that’s one of the challenges they have to go through? Tell the trainer exactly that. I know they match them up but we’ve never really seen a “bad match” in the show either xD

Hey, it’s no problem! Sommeliers are great. :D

Yeah, I could see that! From a character arc perspective I think it would work better if the trainer realized it for themselves instead of being told about it, but maybe something like that confirming a sneaking suspicion (or something) would be good, too.

Based on the law of averages there’s gotta be some bad matches out there, after all.


I know I’ve mentioned this a billion times, but I have so many mixed feelings about the TRio during DP. On one hand, their appearances every single episode were getting a little overwhelming, especially since we had a WHOLE new slew of rivalries and contest stuff and Ash development, but the fillers combined could also account for that.


On the other hand, Jessie as a coordinator was really entertaining. Some moments were extremely touching to me- two of my favorites being when Princess Salvia gave her the Arrowroot Ribbon, and when James competed and won for her when she was sick. We got some other great Rocket episodes in general. The Japanese dialogue between Jessie and James when they’re stuck in midair by the angry Metagross in DP117 is one of the best Rocketshipping moments of all time:


"The Treasure Is All Mine" was an interesting play on James’s past and covered his relationship with Jessiebelle beyond her debut episode:


"For the Love of Meowth" was hilarious, yet provided a bit of…humorous empathy for him, in my opinion. We got to see him fall in love with another feline this time- a trainer’s Glameow- to the point where he wants to leave Team Rocket (though he eventually becomes less attracted to her when she evolves into Purugly, but…). The Love Fury Swipes was a cool new touch as well.


So if you haven’t watched DP at all and are kinda hesitant about the TRio’s role in the series, I’d say give some of these episodes a chance (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND WATCHING IT SUBBED THOUGH). I’ll always have mixed feelings about their appearance in every episode, but like I said before, it goes hand-in-hand with the amount of filler episodes and aside from that, they did have a few great moments. Even so, the DP TRio’s dynamic will always remain my second favorite after OS!


do you ever get really attached to this one pencil and then you get emotional when you lose it because i do

I’d really like to see an arc where one of the main characters catches a Pokémon that doesn’t want to be captured.

And I mean really doesn’t want to be. I want to see a Pokémon who, even with a caring and friendly trainer who tries their best to make their new capture happy, would like nothing more than to return to the wild. I think it would be a really interesting character arc to have someone deal with the fact that sometimes, even if you do everything right, some Pokémon are better off on their own.

I don’t even have anyone specific in mind because I think it could work with any character. I just really want to see it.


until I have seen your face you look like your icon