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Who do you ship Brock with?


Reblog and tell me! I like Brocketshipping (James/Brock) and LuckShipping (Lucy/Brock) personally, but I’m curious to see what everyone else likes. I feel like there isn’t enough talk of Brock ships on here!!

Holly from the tag tournament episodes in DP! Although Pike Queen Lucy is fun, too.

Anonymous said: Ash is a bad trainer and sucks


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I disagree entirely, first of all lets take into account that its a kids show, if Ash wins 24/7 and wins every league you know how boring the show would be?  The show needs a message, whether its to never give up, the importance of friendships, caring about animals, chase your dreams etc. Now lets go character-wise..  you know how Ash treats each of its Pokémon, believes in them as much as they believe in him, caring about his friends and always tries his hardest

Like if you really the type of person that says Ash sucks case he doesn’t evolve his Pokémon, or loses every battle blah blah blah, please watch the show from other perspective

“In the end, some of your greatest pains become your greatest strengths.” 


Visiting old playlists on Youtube from middle school more like



TV Tokyo 50th! (Bad Quality)

WOAH THIS IS PRETTY how long did this take you?? o: this is gorgeous and the lighting is well done and aaaaa very very good well done <33


It took just under two hours! I was expecting it to take a lot longer, but I think doing it lineless saved a lot of time. Plus I didn’t clean up the details too much… :P


push to talk pikachu doll