Hi, I'm ~Piika and I like the Pokémon animé. My art tag is Piika Art!

Title: Latios no Moto he!


I really love this track, I went nuts when it was played during the finale of the Fantina Gym battle.


The Birth of Haru, based on Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus.

It was too perfect a fit to pass up, sorry not sorry. Man I love this anime.


that one character everyone loves but you just like



The Pokédexes throughout the years


so you wanna be a master



"See you..."




there’s this amazing site called realtimeboardwhich is like a whiteboard where you can plan and draw webs and family trees and timelines and all that sort of stuff. you can also insert videos, documents, photos, and lots of other things. you can put notes and post-its and, best of all, you can invite other people to be on the board with you and edit together!! 

this is really really awesome and a great tool for novel planning, so if you’re doing nanowrimo…. this could be good for you!!

Thanks for everyone who sent me a link! This was totally the thing I was thinking of. (Now lets see if I can actually get the story in my brain to form words on a page!)

Tag I’m It


Favourite Food: Cheese pizza. It is literally one of the only things I actually enjoy eating.

Drink: alcoholic
          non-alcoholic: Apple juice or milk.

Book: And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

Author: Still probably FalconPain, honestly. (Please read No Antidote if you even kind of like Pokémon. It’s beautiful.)

Song: Um… Roses Are Red by Aqua or Where the Lines Overlap by Paramore, I think.

TV Show: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

Band: Paramore or Aqua. :P (I also like ZUN for Touhou stuff~)

Place: My room.

Subject: Art, I guess? I liked Communication Design and Media Techniques (or whatever it was called) best last year.

Sport: …If I had to pick one, skiing.

Male Actor: Rob Paulsen.

Female Actor: Junko Takeuchi.

Sibling: I have a younger brother.

Dream Job: Illustrating for the Pokémon Trading Card Game would be so rad, man.

Political Ideology: Sometimes I really feel like anarchy, to be honest.

Religion: [/apathetic shrug]

Languages: English, some French, and a tiny bit of Japanese.

Reason Behind my URL: Variation on MissPiika, which I made because my old username “~Piika” with the squiggle wasn’t accepted in non-forums. I like Captain better nowadays, but I’m signed up to more places as Miss. (~Piika itself came from an old “Pokésona” of mine. She was a pirate Pikachu.)

Reason Behind My Icon: Meowth is my favourite character of all time.

Tracked Tags: #butterfree, #captainpiika, #danny phantom, #digimon frontier, #loonatics unleashed, #meowth, #monferno, #paper mario, #pokeani, #pokeani headcanon, #team rocket. I used to have more but I stopped tracking them because they updated too fast and/or were filled with gross stuff. (Protip: do not track #glaceon or anything from Touhou. Just don’t.)

Why I Joined Tumblr: Originally, it was because all my old art friends abandoned their Deviantart accounts. I didn’t actually start using this account much until last year, though, when I discovered the Pokéani fandom.

First URL: captainpiika.

Number of Blogs: Three if you count my hoarded urls. I’m going to get candymusalina set up as my art blog at some point.

And now, I tag nobody because the last time I tagged people they didn’t care. -w-

Have Fun!