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Shadow gets annoyed at a lot of things.
Here's a GIF of him getting annoyed at a leaf he's staring at.

it started as a joke and it’s now an otp —that wonderful ship that you were like “yeah right” and now you are like “FUCKING DAMN IT” (via ashketchumwrites)


finally finished rosa with different hair colors! there are a few errors in the hair edits but i’ll correct them later!

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Aaand there we go. This took a terrible amount of time because of school starting and some personal stuff, but I finally finished my Digimon Savers review! Here’s what I thought, for those interested.

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Sorry. That’s just how her character comes across to me. Iris doesn’t hate Pokémon, and she never does anything intentionally cruel, but she doesn’t view them as equals. Many characters don’t. It just so happens that she has a more shining example of this behaviour than others.

You’re talking about a girl who spent her childhood playing with wild Pokémon of the forest, who battled a wild Drilbur herself instead of using a Pokemon, who apologized to Excadrill for not being able to understand his feelings begging him to be friends with her again even if it meant she would never battle with him again, a girl who was the only one to defend Dragonite when everyone thought he was guilty of something bad, a girl who was pissed that Tepig’s trainer abandoned him and lied to him. She also defended Gible when people of the town attacked it for causing trouble in her special episode. How does she see them as lesser beings? She risked her own life to save Gible.

Iris loves Pokémon from the bottom of her heart and if this doesn’t prove it to you, I don’t know what will. And these aren’t even all examples.

You can love something without viewing it as your equal. I agree with you that Iris loves her Pokémon.

In Excadrill’s case, Iris’s reaction to Excadrill’s depression was to keep him in his Pokéball for at least thirty-three episodes plus an unspecified amount of time before the series started. She did try, unsuccessfully, to understand him, yes. But when she failed, she never did anything to give him happiness at the cost of her own – if she thought he’d be happier without her, why didn’t she try to release him? That’s what happens whenever other characters face a situation like this (Bye Bye Butterfree, Misty and Togetic, etc.). Friends make sacrifices for each other. They don’t keep them confined for long periods of time without any social contact (or food and water, but I assume he probably ate and drank offscreen. Hopefully.). I’m glad she ended up apologizing, but I hate that she was written to handle this so badly to begin with. I think if she truly saw him as her equal, she would have at least tried to release him. Whether or not Excadrill would have let her, I’m not sure, because he clearly cares about her a lot.

I think what she did for Dragonite was good, but it was soured by the fact that Iris thought he was innocent because she thinks dragon types can’t do wrong. If Dragonite was, say, a Tyranitar, would she have acted the same way? I think she’d be a lot more suspicious. The same goes for Gible. The message of the episode came off as contradictory, too, because the whole thing was a Hydreigon’s fault. What if the Hydreigon had fallen into the power plant instead and the humans were right in whose fault the destruction was? I was really hoping for an episode somewhere down the line that tackled this (I actually made a headcanon about it a while ago), but we never got that. Favouritism towards one type is not viewing them as equals, no matter how much she loves them.

I concede the Tepig example. I haven’t seen it in a while but I don’t remember getting angry at that.

Perhaps “lesser beings” was too harsh. I admit that I can get riled up about this kind of thing and use language to reflect my anger. Had it happened with any other Pokémon instead of Meowth, I don’t think I’d be nearly as unforgiving, but that’s what happened, and that’s how I feel.


remember him? yeah it’s jack walker the pokemon ranger



So most people who follow me should know I’m a pretty big fan of Meowth. protector-of-kalos, in the midst of her BW rewatch, wondered what I thought of the Nyagotiator arc. And oh man, do I have a lot to say about what happened.

Let’s break it down, shall we?


This arc started out quite promising. I’m usually hyped for anything involving Meowth, and that doubled when I saw that Meowth supposedly had his old personality back for this next batch of episodes. And watching the first episode, it didn’t disappoint! The plot revolves around Pokémon-specific problems that the gang needs Meowth to solve, and Meowth and Cilan have a great scene interrogating Scrafty. Sure, the plot wasn’t that mindblowing, but there were more episodes to come. Overall, it was a pretty fun twenty minutes.

That is, until the last one.

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"It’s about how Iris sees Pokémon as lesser beings."

Stopped reading this post right there. Such a shame, and it looked like it was going to be a nice analysis full of valid points. *sighs*

Sorry. That’s just how her character comes across to me. Iris doesn’t hate Pokémon, and she never does anything intentionally cruel, but she doesn’t view them as equals. Many characters don’t. It just so happens that she has a more shining example of this behaviour than others.




Symbolic representation of Ash’s status in XY.

After his treatment in BW, Ash threatened to quit XY unless the writers gave him better treatment. They took it a bit too far.

Is it bad that “good.” was my very first thought reading this post?