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Generational Gaps


This is precisely why I love pre-BW Team Rocket.
They are trying to catch Phione as their current present-for-the-boss, and are aware that Phione is known as the ‘wish’ pokemon.
So what do they imagine their beloved Boss will do with Phione? Why, caress it like a baby and wish for carnival toys!

It simply doesn’t occur to them that Giovanni would use their gift for anything else. Seemingly trivial and cute things are a recurring theme amongst Meowth’s ‘boss fantasies’ - you never see Meowth gleefully imagining Pokemon left in cages, Pokemon being abused or otherwise misused.
He, Jessie and James, genuinely believe that giving a Pokemon like that to their boss would make a nicer life for the Pokemon they try to steal. Obviously this doesn’t overcome their general disdain for Ash and his friends, nor their callousness in the way they attempt to steal Pokemon from them, but it isn’t motivated purely by greed or evil. I always think back to that scene early in AG in ‘A Poached Ego’ where they see the poacher’s electric cage filled with injured Ekans and Koffing, and Jessie remarks “What kind of idiots would injure their own Pokemon?”. They simply can’t understand why someone would treat Pokemon in that way.

And that’s why I can’t really enjoy BW-onwards TRio nearly as much. Their delightful quirkiness, their good side, and all of that is replaced with your standard villain mold. The Jessie and James who once fought a Tyrannitar to save a group of Koffing and Ekans from poachers, the Jessie and James that saw their Pokemon not as tools but as friends and equals that they would do anything for - are gone, replaced by people who show no remorse at making gadgets that visibly injure the Pokemon they use it on.
It’s just not the same to me.

Pokéani 25 Day Challenge, Day 2 // Favourite Companion: Cilan


I’ve been seeing a lot of these day challenges lately, so I decided to make one myself! I thought it would be cool to make one specifically for the Pokemon anime! So, here’s 25 themes that you can use for every day of the challenge! Take it how ever you’d like! Make edits, GIFs, art, fanfiction, whatever! Tag is as “#pokeani 25 day challenge” for all to see! Enjoy!

Day 1: Favorite character

Day 2: Favorite companion

Day 3: Favorite rival

Day 4: Favorite ship

Day 5: Favorite relationship (non-romantic)

Day 6: Favorite season

Day 7: Favorite episode

Day 8: Favorite movie

Day 9: First episode you saw

Day 10: Favorite rivalry

Day 11: Favorite Ash outfit

Day 12: Favorite team of pokemon Ash has had

Day 13: Favorite team of pokemon from any character (aside from Ash)

Day 14: Favorite pokemon owned by a main cast member

Day 15: Contests or gym battles?

Day 16: Favorite battle

Day 17: Favorite English opening

Day 18: Favorite Japanese opening

Day 19: Favorite Japanese closing

Day 20: Favorite character farewell

Day 21: Favorite pokemon farewell

Day 22: Favorite league championship

Day 23: Favorite grand festival

Day 24: A character you wish was in the anime

Day 25: A character you want to return to the anime the most in XY (as a cameo/special)


More of Original Series!Ash goes to Sinnoh:

Sceptile Leaf Blades Darkrai into oblivion.
"Man, Tobias. Talk about a /cut/ of bad luck!"
"That’s very cute, but you have yet to face my next Pokemon. Latio-"
"I guess using legendaries isn’t all it’s CHOPPED UP to be!"
"…Yes, well, next round, you won’t be so-"
"I’m gonna serve you a SLICE of victory!"
"…I give up. I can’t fight this kid."

Pokéani 25 Day Challenge, Day 1 // Favourite Character: Meowth

Watching early Best Wishes at double speed to find gif-making material is funnier than it should be.













Say what you want about Ash. Call him a shitty trainer and compare him negatively to characters like Red because he hasn’t completed his pokedex or won a league. But this boy fucking loves his Pikachu (and all of his pokemon). He jumped off a tower to try and save his pokemon’s life—even if it meant sacrificing his own. He loves pokemon so much that he’s willing to die for them. He treats them like family, friends and partners. He’ll do anything to make them happy—even if it means letting them go and never seeing them again. He was even willing to do this for Pikachu when he thought it would be happier in the wild. Ash cares more about his pokemon than he cares about himself. He cares more about the health and happiness of his partners than winning some league title. He’ll let a pokemon go even if it means losing a vital, powerful member of his team. He loves his pokemon like family, and that’s what being a good trainer is all about.


Determined(Mirror)!Serena and Timid(Mirror)!Satoshi

Started drawing this when those blurbs were all I had to go off of but I was (over)excited about it, The actual episode probably won’t be quite like this…


Professor Rowan wearing a silly hat, by request. Now the burning question is whether Sycamore knitted it himself or not.